Picking up where we left off

We are back from our adventures in Cornwall and I hope to put up a new page, Cornwall 2007, soon.

We returned home late last night and today we have been picking up the traces of our everyday life. We started by going for breakfast to one of the cafes in Chapel Market, then Tigger returned home while I undertook the journey to Chingford to recover Freya.

I phoned from Highams Park to let the cattery folk know I was on my way and waited on the forecourt of Chingford Station for them to arrive. I noticed that the antiques shop (Nicholas Salter Antiques) occupying what had once been the station buffet was open. On all my previous visits, it had been closed. This put me in a quandary as I wanted to visit the shop, which looked very interesting, but I needed to be ready for the cattery people when they reached the station.

The car with Freya in it arrived at about 11 am. The next train back to London was at 11:12 am. That left insufficient time to explore a well stocked antiques shop. I went in, carrying Freya in her cage, and spoke to the lady there. I asked if they had any silver rings but they didn’t have anything suitable. Reluctantly I tore myself away to catch my train, promising to return another day. If they are open on a warmer day I wouldn’t mind skipping a train or two (they are every 15 minutes) to explore the shop.

Freya seemed very happy to be home and spent a lot of time purring and miaowing and running for one to the other to be stroked and made much of. After spending some time in these pleasant activities, we (the humans) decided to go to Kentish Town as Tigger wanted to buy some storage boxes for DVDs at the pound shop there.

Kentish Town is a curious place. I worked in the area years ago and it looks much the same although many of the shops and business have changed again and again. We had a cup of tea in Sam Widges and then had a rummage in the bargain boxes in the Owl Bookshop. Then we went off to catch the number 46 bus.

The 46 goes to Hampstead and stops very near to the Community Centre which was our destination. You may recall my recounting a visit there and buying a ring from a lady who has a jewellery stall there on Saturdays. She had promised to look out some rings for me and I was overdue a visit to her.

While we were there we decided to have lunch at the little cafe. Unfortunately, they had run out of both vegetarian dishes so we had some soup and moved on. Tigger led me across the road to the bus stop where a 46 was conveniently waiting. This bus of course took us back to Kentish Town. “We’ll get off here,” said Tigger when the bus stopped at the Kentish Town end of Prince of Wales Road. I then realized she had had a plan in mind: to go to the Express Pizza restaurant in the old polytechnic building for a late lunch. So that is what we did. We ordered two different pizzas and shared them.

Then we returned home where I started catching up on my emails, Tigger filled her new DVD boxes with DVDs and we drank tea.

We are back. Life is picking up its old rhythms.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Picking up where we left off

  1. Time away is always pleasant; but it’s also always good to be home, and back in the familiar places and routines. My 4 cats and 2 dogs were thrilled to see us yesterday, just as Freya was delighted to see you; I don’t care what people say about animal emotions, I’m convinced that pets miss their people and are genuinely happy to see them again after an absence.

  2. SilverTiger says:

    I have been privileged to see a radical transformation of Freya’s attitude to me from fear and hostility to unmistakable affection and trust.

    Freya is a “rescue cat”, that is to say that she was taken from her original owner, who neglected her, by a cat charity. In addition to being neglected, I think she was also ill treated as she had a particular fear of men. In the beginning, any sudden noise or movement would send her scurrying for cover behind the furniture.

    When Freya came to me, she ran around the house crying continually, especially at night. This lasted for several days. She ran away from me and hid. I couldn’t get near her. I have some sad photos of her cowering behind the furniture and peering out fearfully at me. It was so bad that after a week of this, I thought I would have to return her.

    Gradually she settled down, though she would not come near me and always ran away and tried to hide when I came in.

    Very slowly, I gained her trust. I still remember the day she first allowed me to stroke her. It was a milestone in our lives. Nowadays she runs to greet me when I come in; she “talks” to me a lot, miaowing and trilling; she looks at me intently to see if I have understood. I am used to sleeping with a furry lump curled up against me. I can now carry the once timorous cat in her basket through the streets and on buses and trains without her getting stressed. When I am lying on the bed, she often comes to me and paws my hand to stroke her. When I do, she has a look of absolute bliss on her face.

    I love her and would hate to lose her. It has been very rewarding to see the timorous creature turn into the confident, affectionate cat of today.

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