Cornwall 2007 – 4

One of those days

On emerging from the hotel we found that the temperature had risen and we were overdressed in our winter gear but it was too late to change so we had to put up with it.

There was a while to wait for the bus so I paid my first visit to the jeweller’s. They have an amazing selection of rings but the problem, as always, is finding one my size. Time was pressing and we had to hurry to the bus station for our bus to Hayle. By the time we reached Hayle it was a hot, almost summer, day. It didn’t take us long to explore the main part and have drinks. So we decided to take the next bus to Truro. I am writing this in the Upstairs Downstairs Cafe where we have had lunch.



After lunch, the day went a bit wrong. Each holiday has a day like this. When we took the bus to return to Penzance, the driver pointed out we didn’t have two day tickets, which we had asked for and paid for, but one day ticket and one return ticket. That didn’t matter too much as we were on our way back to Penzance but it would have cost us money if we had wished to continue touring.

Worse still, the driver knew something we didn’t and did not see fit to tell us. The bus makes a stop at Cambourne. After Cambourne, we noticed that we were covering the same ground we had covered on the way here. After an hour, we had to accept that the bus was returning to Truro, not continuing to Penzance. Why the heck hadn’t the driver challenged us at Cambourne? Why would she think we were going to sit on a bus for two hours, only to end up where we started when our intention was obviously to go to Penzance?

In the morning, we bought our tickets on the bus to Hayle. We didn’t even know at that point that we would later travel on to Truro. So why did the bus driver sell us one day ticket and one return to Truro?

The bus to Hayle had been crowded and we had to stand. At one stop, the driver called out that the bus behind had more room on it and was going to Hayle as well. We and a few others ran to that bus. Just to confirm, we asked the driver if he was going to Hayle. “No,” he said, “I don’t go to Hayle.” So we ran back to the first bus that was fortunately still at the stop. We told driver that the other bus didn’t go to Hayle. “Oh yes, he does” was the reply and indeed, the second bus was at the stop when we reached Hayle. So why did the driver lie to us?

We eventually made it back to Penzance, intending to have dinner in one of two places. Despite it being only 7:30 both were closed. We found a pub called The Dolphin that advertised food until 10pm. It also had some good vegetarian options, including a curry with vegetables and chick peas.

“Sorry,” said the barmaid. “The chef says he’s defrosting the fridge and there are no chicks peas.” We checked the menu and put in an alternative order. “Sorry,” said the barmaid. “There isn’t any feta cheese pie left.”

In the end, the chef redeemed himself somewhat by offering to make us a vegetable curry. It was very tasty.

It would be easy to draw uncomplimentary general conclusions after such a day but that would be unfair. We have a possibly interesting experience lined up for tomorrow and if that goes well our good humour and optimism will return.

For her “Birthday Present Part 2”, I bought Tigger CD called Housewives’ Favourites¹. As I write, we are listening to Doris Day belting out Qué será será and drinking tea. Good humour slowly returning… 🙂

¹Disc 1, Timeless favourites from the radio; Disc 2, Unforgettable love songs and ballads. River Records RRCD357 & RRCD358.

The name Penzance is thought by some to mean “holy head” in Cornish from pen, “head” and sans, “holy”.

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