Cornwall 2007 – 3

To St Ives

St Ives

Today’s expedition is to St Ives. I am hoping not to repeat my exploit of falling down in the street.

The bus ride was uneventful. We sat in the sideways seats behind the driver but I kept hold of my rucksack throughout so as not to forget it.

The day started grey and chilly but while we were on the way to St Ives the sky cleared and the sun shone. It became a most beautiful day although the wind remained cold.

Sparrow Hawk

St Ives is prettier and more picturesque than I remembered it and we enjoyed wandering through the streets and alleys. We even made it up to the Coastwatch Station where we were able to observe a hovering sparrowhawk. We were amazed how still it remained despite the gusty breeze. It seemed untroubled by the people and by going up to the chapel on the cliff top, we got within about 30 feet of it and Tigger took photos.

A couple of times the hawk was “buzzed” by gulls but it returned to hovering again. We didn’t see it strike, something that would have caused me mixed emotions.

We had a look in jewellers’ shops and art shops, where Tigger bought several sets of beautiful postcards and in a bookshop where I spent one of my accumulated book tokens on a book on gem stones.

At 2 p.m. we broke for lunch at a place called Onshore. The family at the next table were intrigued by my nail varnish and covertly photographed me. A brief moment of fame.

We sat for a while looking over the beach and sea and watching the aerial acrobatics of the gulls, some of whom were “legless”. Tiger had a go at filming one.

We caught the 4:05 bus back to Penzance and returned the hotel for a cuppa and a rest. After reading and dozing for a while, Tigger became active again and the evening’s plan emerged: we were to catch the 7:35 17B bus to Marazion.

St Ives gull

We reached Marazion at dusk. Tigger thought the clouds in the evening sky looked like bruises. Maybe they did.

For a while we thought we were going to go home hungry as everything was closed. We tried one pub only to be confronted with a blackboard inscribed “Kitchen closed – sorry!” So we were relieved to discover the Cutty Sark pub where not only was food being served but several vegetarian options were available. Marazion joins the role of honour!

The night was clear and the the moon half full so we could explore some of the unlit alleys leading to the beach and we could also pick out Orion, the Plough and other constellations away from the town lights.

The bus arrived at 9:43 to take us back to Penzance. I am writing this in our hotel room over a cup of tea. We have viewed Tigger’s video sequence of the “legless” gull and it has come out. I will see if I can link it to this blog entry.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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