Cold snap

This cold snap has hit me hard. I am sensitive to the cold at the best of times and winter is my least favourite time of year. It was not only the cold that distressed me, though, but the fact that it arrived just as we were cautiously beginning to hope that spring was on its way. I had finally left off my longjohns and abandoned my winter coat for my favourite red fleece jacket. Then the temperature dropped with all its miserable consequences. The cough I have been suffering from perhaps didn’t help as it kept me awake at night and sapped my energy.

This doesn’t mean I have been inactive. I have spent quite a lot of time researching message boards and then setting one up for a small group of us who have a specific project in mind. I’ve also been searching for software for myself. I am one of those people who obsessively seek out the perfect email client, the perfect RSS reader, the perfect text editor, etc. and never find it. As a result we install program after program, set it all up and try it out and then abandon it again for the one we already have.

I have also been out and about. For example, on Saturday Tigger and I went on an expedition to Hastings. We enjoyed it greatly and I will have more to say about it anon. I just haven’t felt like writing.

When I say “writing”, I mean creative writing. I don’t know whether you think of blog posts as being creative writing but I haven’t been in the mood for blogs either. Not only have I not written for my own blog but neither have I been visiting the blogs of friends. I feel vaguely guilty about both and that annoys me because I don’t think I have any reason to feel guilty. Your unread posts, dear friends, are queueing up in my Google Reader like traffic at broken traffic lights and I haven’t the faintest idea if and when I will get around to them. Probably not this month as we are off to Cornwall for a week starting on Saturday.

We have been looking forward to Cornwall but the cold weather has dampened our spirits a little especially as the long-range weather forecast for the region is gloomy. I keep telling myself it is warmer down there and that being on holiday will cheer us up. Maybe it’ll work.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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