Under the weather

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last few days. I have caught some sort of cold – or virus, as we say these days – which makes me cough a feel rotten. The cough also interrupts my sleep making me feel ragged. I have been reading other people’s blogs but not writing my own or commenting much on other people’s.

London Canal MuseumThat is not to say I haven’t been out and about. Life waits for no one and appointments made in advance are hard to turn down. On Saturday we met a couple of our friends in Kings Cross. The idea was to visit the London Canal Museum together. We met at Starbuck’s and progressed to the Museum. Housman’s famous bookshop just happened to be on our way so of course we went in for a look around. The Museum is quite small, though growing, but worth a visit, especially if the weather is good because you can then go out the back and stroll around the small private moorings.

After the Museum we took the 205 bus to Marylebone and thence to Alfie’s antiques emporium (where I nearly bought a ring) and had a late lunch in the roof-top restaurant.

On Sunday, we got up early (for us) and performed a major wash at the launderette, having breakfast on the way in the cafe opposite Kings Cross Thameslink station (the one where, as you might recall, “Genghis” works). Having rested for an hour from our labours we went to Tottenham Court Road to meet another couple of friends. We waited in Starbuck’s because they are always late. This time they were one and a half hours late which, for them, is virtually on time.

It was about 3.30 pm by now but we had lunch in a nice French restaurant which we had often seen but never tried. In New Oxford Street, it’s called Savoir Faire and they certainly do know how to put a good meal together. The price was moderate too. We finished the after with a stroll around parts of the British Museum, including a look in the iconic British Museum Library. These days the public is admitted to a small part of it and it is worth the visit just to marvel at the splendid building.

Then it was back home to relax until bed time and then to enjoy and bad night interrupted by coughing fits. Today I feel slightly better but still very tired. I just hope I am fully recovered for our expedition to Cornwall later this month.

Julia Buckley “tagged” some of us for a “meme”. I don’t know why it’s called that. Anyway, it is 15 indiscreet questions about yourself. If you are interested you will find the blog entry and various answers, including mine, here.

Sadly, Julia’s blog no longer exists.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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One Response to Under the weather

  1. Oscarandre says:

    I told a friend once that I was going to the doctor. “Tell them nothing,” he said. He went on to explain the full strategy, based on the assumption that most doctors, despite being well paid, actually have a way of tricking you into working out what is wrong with yourself. When asked if you do exercise say that you do. When asked about smoking and drinking reply that you have never done either. In the inevitable pause that will follow, you say, “So now tell me what’s wrong with me…”

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