Time and trains wait for no tiger

Emerging last night (Saturday) from a visit to Tigger’s father, we reached the train station of Westgate-on-Sea to find we had just missed a train to London. We now had a choice: wait for an hour on the cold and windy station, take the bus to Margate where trains to London were slightly more frequent or betake ourselves to a cafe or eaterie for a meal.

In the end, we decided on the latter and made our way to the shops and The Regency, Westgate’s premium Indian restaurant. On arrival there, we had about 45 minutes to eat and get back to the station, a 5-minute walk away. With several tables occupied and the restaurant doing a brisk trade in take-aways, this seemed an enterprise of doubtful success. We tried it nevertheless.

We ordered a vegetable biryani and a nan bread each. I kept an eye on the table next us because it was already occupied when we arrived and I knew we wouldn’t be fed until they had been served. It’s strange how quickly time passes when you want it to slow down.

The food eventually came and I asked the waiter to bring the bill straightaway as we were hoping to catch a train. He was happy to do this. We now had about 20 minutes left.

I shovelled down my biryani in something approaching record time but Tigger got stuck half-way through hers. “If I eat any more, I’ll chuck up,” she murmured, adding the philosophical reflection “And I don’t think the people on the next table would like that.” Quite.

Tigger asked the waiter for a doggy bag. He was amused but executed the request with amiable promptness. Doggy bag in hand, we retraced our steps to the station and had a few minutes to spare which we whiled away watching the courtship rituals of a group of chavus blingatus who were also waiting for a train, happily on the other platform.

The train arrived on time and we embarked. We consumed the nan bread en route. I am not sure of the eventual fate of the vegetable biryani though I am convinced it will not be wasted. We like our food.

You noticed, huh?

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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