Shopping for cat food

We were running low on cat food so a visit to the supplier was indicated. You may remember that I discovered the cat food we were buying was made by a firm that tests its products on animals, which prompted me to look for an alternative.

The best I have been able to do for now is to find a number of brands whose makers guarantee that their products are free from animal testing and that the ingredients are “cruelty free”, though this is of course a question of definition. These foods are not sold in supermarkets, needless to say, so it’s a question of finding a shop that sells at least one of these products. I also wanted a make that supplied at least two flavours that I could alternate.

For now I have settled on a company called Burns that produces two flavours of dry cat food. I choose this one, not out of a conviction that it was the best but because there was a shop selling it fairly close to where I live.

The shop is in Blackstock Road, near Finsbury Park. The first time I went there, I travelled to Finsbury Park by tube and, clutching a map printed from the Web in my hot little hand, walked down Blackstock Road until I found the shop. I also found that the number 19 bus stops outside the door and as that bus also passes close to where I live, that is now the way I travel.

The pet shop in question also sells other cat foods that I happen to know are made by companies that test on animals but what can I do? Talking of happier things, there is also a parrot in the shop who flies about loose. On my first visit, the shop door was wide open and at one point the parrot perched on top of it. They must be very confident that he won’t fly away.

Today I stocked up with two bags of cat food. They were quite heavy but the bus took the strain.

On the way to the shop I sat downstairs on the bus, on the right-hand side so I could see when we passed the shop. Because I have long legs and find it difficult to get them into the small gap between the seats, I sat on the seats beside the open space for wheelchairs. Bad mistake. I was soon imprisoned by two pushchairs. Notwithstanding, I managed to get off the bus one stop after the shop which wasn’t bad, as I had first to spot the shop before knowing when to get off.

So we now have two large bags of cat food. I hope Freya will take to it. She has already had one of them, the “Ocean Fish”, and I had to coax her into eating it by gradually mixing more and more of it into her old cat food. The Meaty flavour is new to her so it will be interesting to see if she will eat it.

The vet once put Freya on an “exclusion diet” while testing her for a suspected allergy. The poor thing was limited to this diet for 12 weeks. I don’t think she has forgiven me. Whenever I give her something new, she is very suspicious of it.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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