A ring on Sunday

As planned, we returned to the Hampstead Community Centre market and cafe. The cafe proved a disappointment and we went up the road to a coffee bar for brunch.

We did have a cup of tea in the Centre, however, while I examined the rings the jewellery stall-holder had brought as promised. All were good quality and all were a large size. In fact, several were too large!

In the end I selected an intriguing one that I am wearing as I write this. It is a robust silver setting with an oval stone. (If my camera’s battery wasn’t flat, I would take a photo to show you.) The stone is a dark blue with a touch of mauve but the remarkable feature is that it is darkly transparent and crammed full of tiny sparkles. As you turn the stone, the sparkles change and seem to twinkle like stars. It makes me think of a fragment of sky as seen by someone living in a globular cluster.

Coincidentally, on Saturday, while visiting the antiques arcade in Hampstead, one of the stall-holders showed me a large piece of rock which was the same colour and contained sparkly inclusions like the stone in my ring. I think they must be the same mineral. Unfortunately, I didn’t retain the name. I must find out.

A new ring has to settle in. It’s like someone new joining your family: they need to find where they fit in and interact with the others. This ring started on my right hand, tried two fingers but has ended up on the index finger of my left hand. It seems happy there and that is the finger it fits best.

That leaves three fingers unpopulated. I now have two fingers that are not tiger-themed, so the next one better be a proper “tiger ring”. The lady I bought the latest ring from said she would be getting some more in a month’s time so I agreed to go and see her again then.

We are going to Penzance in March and I know a nice little jeweller’s shop there that had an unusually impressive collection of silver and tiger’s eye rings. I nearly bought one but it would have had to be enlarged and the cost of alteration would have doubled the cost of the ring so I decided not to go ahead. Maybe they will have a bigger ring this time.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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