Tigger’s poorly

Tigger is ill. She has been off work for two days and has taken to her bed. Knowing how Tigger deals with obstacles and annoyances, brushing them aside like flies, I can tell she is really poorly. She has a very bad cold or, as we say these days, a virus.

I am staying in with her, making cups of tea, chatting when she feels like it or watching DVDs with her. Morale is everything in these cases. You probably think I am going to boast about how I am doing all the housework, cooking and shopping. How wrong can you be?

The other day we were walking through Woolworth’s and went past the shelves holding saucepans, baking dishes and so on. I said to Tigger “This is the section for cookery… whatever that is.” We both had a good laugh about that. Chefs cook. Cafe owners cook. Chippies cook. Tigger does not cook. I do not cook. Tigger knows how to work the microwave. I don’t, but I could probably learn in an emergency. There hasn’t been such an emergency so far.

Housework is easily dispensed with: we don’t do any. We get rid of the rubbish from time to time and the rest of it takes care of itself. Tigger works the microwave and I do the washing up. That’s my thing. I must say I have found a certain pleasure in cleaning the sink and formica counter top. They’re looking very clean and bright, if I say it myself. Tigger noticed too, which is a big compliment.

That leaves shopping. We usually take the shopping trolley round to Sainsbury’s after breakfast at the Perfecto Cafe on Sunday morning and get stocked up. During the week we top up as necessary on the way home. If we need only a couple of items we pop into Iceland in Chapel Market. It’s quieter there and everything costs £1 or £2. As things are going, I may have to slip out and do some shopping but that’s no big deal.

Tigger confidently predicts that I will “get it too”. The virus, that is. Every time I sneeze, cough or blow my nose, she says “It’s starting…” It’s possible but I know that partners don’t always catch one another’s colds and flu. Why they do or don’t is mysterious. There doesn’t seem to be any rule. So, as I usually do, I am hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. As long as we don’t run out of tea, it’ll be fine.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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