The week

Weekends are my favourite times because Tigger isn’t working then and we can go off on adventures together, assuming we are not going to Margate or the launderette. The days of the week are pretty good too, though, and each one has its special character.

Monday starts a new week and therefore brings with it a feeling of hope and expectation: 168 hours to be filled in all sorts of interesting and exciting ways! The downside is that Tigger has to go to work but this is slightly mitigated by my going to have lunch with her. It’s also the day I check my Lotto and Euromillions tickets and find I haven’t won but as I don’t expect to win, that isn’t much of a disappointment.

The high point of Tuesday is the same as the high point of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, namely 4 p.m., when I collect Tigger from work. The rest of the day is an exercise in free-form living. Tuesday is the day for doing my nails, unless I decide to do them on Thursday instead. You blokes probably have no idea what’s involved in “doing my nails” though the women may. It takes longer than you might imagine from a quick glance at the result. (One of these days I may post a tutorial for men thinking of varnishing their nails.) With that and answering emails, reading blogs and making tea, there isn’t a lot of time left over for other things.

Wednesday is my day for solo expeditions. In summer I may go off on the bus or tube chasing after some wild goose or other. They’re very hard to pin down, these wild geese. I may go to the library to return my current crop of books that I didn’t have time to read and get some more that I won’t have time to read, either. I think it’s important to keep up with my reading, otherwise who would I have to disagree with?

Wednesday is also the start of the Tchibo week. I believe there are some people who don’t yet know what Tchibo is. Briefly, it’s a coffeee shop plus. The plus is that it is also a retail outlet but it only retails a small selection of items which it changes every week. On Wednesday. This means that you can buy interesting gadgets or clothes that you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of buying and buy them at a reasonable price. For example, Tigger recently bought a very nice electric kettle for £15. I thought this was a waste of money as we already had an electric kettle but then the one we had broke so the purchase turned out to be a good idea after all. So we go to Tchibo, have a coffee, pick up next week’s catalogue and maybe buy something. Or think about buying something, which is almost as much fun.

I know it’s Thursday when the alarm on my phone goes off and the message on the screen is “lottery tickets”. Thursday is when I go to the minimarket near Tigger’s workplace and say: “A lucky dip Euromillions for Friday and a lucky dip Lotto for Saturday, please.” The assistant says “A lucky dip Euromillions for Friday and a lucky dip Lotto for Saturday?” and I say “Yes.” I have been going there for months and they know what I want but the ritual is the ritual.

Apart from buying the Euromillions and Lotto tickets and not going to Tchibo, Thursday is quite like Wednesday and I often do Wednesday-like things on it. Or I might do my nails if I didn’t do them on Tuesday. On the other hand, it is almost Friday, which gives you a funny half-expectant, half-impatient feeling. In fact, I sometimes think it is Friday which, though confusing, is quite nice because I like Fridays.

The day that is most like Friday is, of course, Friday. Friday is also known as Omelette Day. Friday starts off a week day and ends up a weekend day. This is partly because by the time we take the bus home from Tigger’s work, we are beginning to feel weekendy and partly because we spend the evening in a weekendy way. We may go out to eat or get an Indian takeaway from the excellent Spices in Chapel Market. We sit around thinking how great it is that it’s the weekend tomorrow and planning what we’re going to do with it, knowing that whatever it is, it will be fun.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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