Omelette Day

OmeletteFriday is Omelette Day. If you did not know this, then worry not: I am not talking about a national festival but about a purely domestic one.

Tigger works for a certain well known and well respected company and I go down there twice a week for lunch. On Mondays, we stay in and eat sandwiches but on Fridays, we go round the corner to a cafe and have – yes, you guessed it! – omelettes. These are strictly speaking Spanish omelettes, made robust and toothsome by the addition of potatoes, and are accompanied by a nice green salad. The cafe is run by an Italian family, very pleasant and amiable people.

It is surprising, and cheering, how the small pleasures of life can assume such a happy prominence in the daily round. There is perhaps a touch of laziness to eating out (for one thing, it saves making sandwiches) and a touch of luxury (being waited on) and all for a small outlay.

London is a good city for eating out. There is a wonderful range of cuisines, and a huge range of price brackets. As I am a vegetarian, my choice is limited but only slightly. Most eateries these days offer vegetarian options and there are many that cater solely for vegetarians and vegans. The (V) symbol for vegetarian dish is now very common, I am glad to say.

My Old DutchOur favourite places include Indian, Chinese, Greek and Italian restaurants: there are some days when I just yearn for a plate of spaghetti and pesto sauce. Then there is My Old Dutch, a chain that serves up huge Dutch pancakes on large, handsome plates. Or a small Italian family cafe where we go for pizza. We order one each and share them. Or a chain of “Eat as much as you like” Chinese vegetarian restaurants, one of which is a short walk from where we live.

The lesson, if one be needed, is that while “chef’s cuisine” with powdered parsely around the platter, is nice for an occasional treat, the simple pleasures are best, being kinder to the wallet and lighter on the stomach. In any case, it beats going to the supermarket.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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